Internal Audit

B-Solutions provide internal audit services which is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization's operations.  It helps an organization to accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes. 


Managers are responsible for designing control processes that provide reasonable assurance the following business objectives can be achieved:

Internal auditors will evaluate how well the control processes designed by manager’s function, and therefore the extent to which managers can have reasonable assurance business objectives will be realized. The internal audit function reports to top management and normally has direct communication with the audit committee and the board of directors. Because of their expertise and knowledge of operations, internal auditors often fulfill a consulting role to top management.

Internal control set-up

B-Solutions provide internal control set-up services which benefits the organization in the following manner:


- Reduce errors occurred in the past and prevent any probable errors in the future so that the accounting data will be accurate and complete.

- The management can reduce the anxiety on accounting/finance and are confident on data utilization for effective and efficient business development.




Our representative will interview the employees from each department and observe the document flow cycle as well as the approval required in each procedure before making a summary on the weaknesses of document system and internal control system in each job (purchase, sales, inventory, and receipt/withdrawal systems), improving document system and internal control system.  The emphasis is made on controllable time and cost saving.  Service rendering period can be between 15-30 business days depending on the size of business.



This service is appropriate for

- The business that expands rapidly.

- The business that always finds errors and frauds performed by the operators.

- The employees in each division that have ambiguous segregation of duties or risk of frauds.


Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is preventive measure for the determination of risk factor for the well-defined business situation and business events.


Due Diligence Service

B-Solutions provide due diligence service to discover hidden information about a business. Operations due diligence is a risk/opportunity assessment to determine the future sustainability of a business.

Due diligence review will reduce the level of risk inherent in investments, planning and future use of real estate and industrial assets. Beyond enhancing your legal certainty and liability protection, carrying out due diligence is essential for achieving your business objectives and financial targets.


This service is appropriate for


Our reputation as an independent and impartial technical service provider ensures reliable and in-depth reports on which you can base your decisions. We provide integrated due diligence services that combine legal, secretarial, financial and operational due diligence. Our holistic approach can have a materially beneficial effect on the operation and value of your assets.


Business Advisory Services

A business can always benefit from expert advice. An objective point of view can make all the difference.

Business advisory services are provided with the aim to support undertakings identify strengths and overcome weaknesses in specific areas.

Bsolutions Management Consultants established a team of business consultants that have the capabilities to address the needs of business at different stages of development. Currently we are providing advisory services in:



Other Support Services

Information Technology Development and Assessment

The goal of Information Technology Services (ITS) is to provide an innovative, customer-focused, and robust foundation for information technology (IT) solutions that enable the business community to pursue operational efficiency with financial integration. IT’s seeks to establish trust with customers through professionalism, honest and open dialogue, high quality customer service.


Technology services include: